Thursday, January 30, 2014


Rest day today
Slept in until 0530 and was at the pool by 0600.  Put my thermometer in and it read 80!  HALLELUJAH!!!  I actually felt a TINY chill when I got in.  Of course this immediately worried me that 80 degree water could cause me to chill at all.  I might be getting soft.  I shower at the gym during the weekdays and the water there is hot.  Only 2 cold showers per week.
3 x 100
200 good pulling
5 x 50 fly on the 1:30
5 x 50 free on the minute
500 free open turns
I really wanted to do more but I'm forcing myself to take it easy today.  I have spent a lot of time thinking about my daily routine from Tuesday through Thursday and I'm pretty sure my 15+ hour days are starting to wear me down a tiny bit.
Talked to Sylle yesterday and he recommended I change the cadence of my fly.  I sped it up some but still struggled.  I am starting to wonder if maybe...MAYBE I don't have the right body composition to try such an endeavor.  He is taller and thinner than me so this probably helps.  I wonder...Am I "too fat to fly"?  I'll keep adjusting and trying but if I don't see some serious improvements in Feb, I might ditch the idea of crossing Bear Lake 7 mile doing fly.  I am finding NO joy in swimming fly for now.  I keep at it but when I don't see ANY improvement, it gets me frustrated.

1500 SCY

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