Saturday, January 25, 2014


Got a workout from Sue yesterday and made some slight modifications. I arrived at the pool at 0700 and took a temp reading. 84.3.  Still way too hot.  I took a pic of my thermometer and plan on keeping a log of the daily temps.

500 WU
8 x 75 fly free fly by 25
3 x 300
8 x 25 fly
6 x 50 on :55
4 x 200
6 x 50 on :50
7 x 100 smooth and strong  I hit 1:19 on each one - happy about that
6 x 50 fly-free on the :60
100 easy
1000 2x(250 snorkel, 250 normal)
10x50 kick
10 x 50 desc 1-5 then 6-10 I was supposed to do these after my 500 WU but somehow skipped them
300 CD This puts me at 7000.  In terms of miles it puts me right under 4 miles.
50 free to get to 4 miles even.

There was a lady swimming next to me who was doing heads up breast the whole time.  During a quick rest, she asked how far I was going.  She said she was impressed and was only able to do 1000 before she needed to get out.  I told her distances between us don't matter.  We are doing what we like and being active is the only thing that matters.  1000 yards is still extremely impressive and she should be proud of being able to do that distance.  A little while later she stopped me to tell me that I "inspired" her and she is going for 1500!  I shouted, "Hell Yeah!" and gave her a high five.  She was psyched about it and stopped me when she had finished.  No idea who she is but I'm impressed non the less.

7050 SCY

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