Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Alarm went off at 0430.  I turned it off and said to myself, "Rest Day".  I laid back down and instead of seeing myself falling back asleep, I got a CRYSTAL CLEAR picture of the USMS FLOG page in my head and how there would be a missing spot for this week.  I immediately got out of bed...NOPE!  The thought of an empty spot scared me too much.

5 x 200 (1,3,5 swim 2 kick, 4 drill)
3 x 200 Not hitting the times I want.  Was not happy but not doing to get down on myself considering it is still the first week
50 easy
2 x 200 pull
50 easy
2 x 200 swim with snorkel
50 easy
2 x 200 pull with snorkel
50 easy
200 HARD. I hit 2:43 Decent time
100 hard.  Got 1:12
50 hard. Got :29
Did easy 50's until my lap counter hit the number 70.

I did something today that I felt an IMMEDIATE impact when I did it.  When I did my 200,100, and 50 hard.  When I was done, I was gasping for air.  I did not let myself get full breaths.  I put my snorkel in my mouth and put my face in the water.  I was able to breathe but it was limited.  I could still feel my lungs "flexing" for air even though I was breathing.  I was getting air just in limited amounts.  It was really tough but holy cow I know my lungs were opening up!  Great way to raise your oxygen threshold.

3500 SCY

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