Saturday, February 1, 2014


Had ZERO motivation to swim today.  I was at the Jazz game last night and did not get home until after midnight.  I'm normally in bed around 2100 so by the time I relaxed enough and started to fall asleep, it was close to 0100.  I slept in until 0700 but was still tired from yesterday.
I was not able to go at 0700 which would have made it a bit easier.  Patricia had something to do in the morning so I did not get to the pool until 1000.
200 free
50 choice - can't be free.  I mixed in mainly back and breast.
Repeat until my lap counter hit 100.
I stopped every 1000 for about 30 seconds to get something to drink.

I was doing around 47-49 second laps.  SLOW  I had no motivation, no energy, and no care.  I just swam nice and easy.

5000 SCY

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