Saturday, February 15, 2014

15Feb14 - QUAC meet

At the pool and ready to swim at 0900. 
1500 WU then I did my events.

200 Free - 2:30  Pretty pissed a this time.  I've gone well under this during training swims
500 Free - 7:08  Not too bad.  I ran out of breath at the 200 which is SAD
100 Fly - 1:31 - Happy with this
100 Free - 1:05 - Happy with this too.  I was pretty beat by this time and my stroke was not that strong.

I also did the 50 fly for our relay team and 50 free for relay.

Between the warmups, cool downs and killing time, I accumulated 3200 yards.

Good meet as usual.  The BIGGEST problem was they mixed people with completely different heat times all together.  People with completely different speeds and abilities were mixed in with the faster people.  It was a complete waste of time.

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