Monday, February 17, 2014

17Feb14 - President's Day swim

Gordon posted on FB a long workout for the day off today.  I decided to join him at Northwest gym.  He planned on doing 10 miles.  I planned on doing LESS than 10!

2000 WU, sets of 200 no rest.  I mixed in free, kicking, back and breast, drill etc
2000 - 200 back 200 free repeats
2000 - 100-200-300-400 repeat back down
2000 - 900 swim 100 back repeat
I then did my own thing
20 x 100  This put me at 10k but I wanted to go a bit more
20 x 50 - This put me at 11,000 and a little over 6 miles.

Glad I got the distance but was disappointed in a few things. 
1) Took me almost 2000 yards before my shoulders did not HURT while swimming.  Gords gave me some Vitamin I and it helped.
2) Around 5k, my right knee felt a sharp pain.  I played with my school kids all 3 PE classes on Friday and twisted my right ankle and hurt my knee then.  Felt fine Sat but it definitely hurt now.  Hurt so much that I went dead leg swimming for my right leg for at least an hour.  Finally started to feel better.  I could not do flip turns either and 90% of the power from my wall push offs were with my left leg.  It hurt so much I was wondering if it was seriously messed up.  Sore is one thing but this was sharp and specifically area pain.  NOT FUN!
3)  I could NOT go fast to save my life today.  I was actually struggling to get :45 times averaging on the 50.  Pathetic.  I would pull stronger and glide a bit more but it did not help.  I was about 4k when I threw in the towel on speed.  I just focused on the distance.  Not sure if I slept bad, didn't eat well, getting sick or what but I could not get the engines going today.  Only 2 of my 8 cylinders decided to work today.

All in all I'm happy with 11k.  I've only been back to swimming for 6 weeks and already doing 11k workouts.  It was good to swim with Gords again.  We didn't get to swim any sets together.  He dropped me immediately and I could only make small chit chat between sets.  I tried to minimize talking so he could keep on his splits and so would I!

Really glad I did it though.

11,000 SCY

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