Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Good swim today.  I had a family funeral to attend in the afternoon so that left my morning free to do a long swim.
I elected to do 10,000 yards.  I have not done this distance in quite some time so I just focused on the distance being done and not any specific or impressive times being achieved.
In the pool right after 0500.
Here are the sets.  I did 10 of each and each distance was 100 yards

Odds drill, even kick
odds fast evens easy
breathe left only
breathe right only

I felt pretty good until I got around 6k.  Shoulders started to get tired and my pull got weaker.  Had to remind myself that today is about distance and not time.
Sue came in around 8500 and helped give me some energy.  There is just something nice about swimming with friends.  Always feels better.
REALLY happy I hit 10k.  Good mental accomplishment for me and a nice step in my training.  I'll go a shorter distance tomorrow to "rest" and then a hard workout Thursday then taper Friday for the meet Sat.

10,000 SCY

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