Tuesday, February 25, 2014

25Feb14 - Inspiration

KEARNS was a bit warmer today.  At times I could feel warm water being pumped in. GRRRR  Why do people go out of their way to wreck a good thing or piss the people off it was designed to make happy.  I think George Lucas in in charge of the pool temp!

Did my 100 x 100 workout but cut in half.  Did same 10 sets but only 5 of each x 100
odds drill even kick
odds fast even slow
breathe left only
breathe right only

5000 SCY  Made it in plenty of time.  Rest was minimal.

2 side notes here
1)  Last night I grilled burgers then had some ice cream.  I made my burger the way I like it, double patty, double cheese, TONS of bacon and lots of hot sauce with onions.  It was delicious.  Later I went an bought some ice cream and shared it with my girls.  It was a small amount compared to what I used to consume daily.  I PAID FOR IT this morning.  My stomach was in cramps.  I went to the bathroom before the swimming and felt fine until around halfway.  Stomach started to hurt again and I had to go back to the bathroom.  I really need to be more careful about my diet.

2) As I was leaving, there was an old guy 2 lanes down from me still swimming.  He was OLD.  At least mid 70's and no goggles or cap.  Just heads up breast then laying on his back doing elementary backstroke.  He probably was taking 2 min per length.  Seeing people like this inspire me more than Olympians do!  I'm not kidding.  I honestly pray that when I'm that old, I'm physically able to still swim and still have the DRIVE to swim no matter how slow I am.  I stood there and watched him for a few minutes.  He saw me and smiled.  I said no words but have him a guy's head nod (The one guys give each other that speak a 1000 words while most women have to actually SAY those 1000 words...) and a thumbs up.  He knew I had a ton of respect for him and he was right.  Rock on old guys!

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