Thursday, February 6, 2014


Just an update
I have not been to the pool the past 2 days.
Yesterday I was up most of the previous night with a stomach problem.  I did not sleep and my stomach was bugging me too much to try to even go to the pool to get even a 500 in.  I knew I was too sick to swim when I mentally pictured my FLOG calendar and when I saw the blank spot that would be there, which has motivated me in the past to get up, I did not care.  It was the right decision.  It was not until 1100 that I could even drink water without my stomach complaining.

Last night my wife's grandfather passed away.  It was expected but difficult still.  It is more important for me to be there for her than to go for a swim.

I will be back in the pool tomorrow.  2 days off won't kill me.  Not happy I'm missing 2 days but illness and death in the family trump personal workout time.

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