Thursday, May 31, 2012


Got picked up by Kim at 0530 this morning and we headed to Antelope Island.  I didn't get a real opening time when I contacted them so I just risked it.  We were at the gate a bit after 0600.  The gates were open even though the Ranger post was closed.  SWEET deal.
Kim has been pretty apprehensive about doing the 8 mile swim next Sat.  The last time we went to Antelope, she got a bit sick and her tongue got really trashed even though she was in for only a little bit.  We talked about her breathing technique and how you have to modify it some out there to minimize water coming in.  I could tell she was really focusing on it because she was swimming much slower than normal and was going all over the place.  It was pretty funny actually.  Went out until we were parallel with the bridge coming to the island then swam back.  That's about 1.3 miles total round trip.  I asked if she wanted more and she did.  She was getting a small rub mark on her inner arm from her suit.  I rubbed some grease from my neck and greased the spot a bit better.  I then suggested that she try doing what most OW marathon women do and just go topless.  I swam ahead about 20 yards and she went for it.  (Sorry, no pics :-o) Honestly we could have been side by side and with the extreme murkiness of GSL, it wouldn't have mattered!  She was an INSTANT convert.  She kept saying over and over how great it felt and how much better she was with her top rolled down.  I just laughed.  She's positive now that she's going to do the 8 mile the same way.  Her husband is paddling for her so I'm sure he won't mind.  We did another lap and finished at 2.6 miles.
When she got out she wasn't feeling sick and her tongue/mouth was in pretty good shape too.  The mental barrier of doubt that had been build was destroyed.  She is now really looking forward to the 8 mile.
Great job Kim!!!

2.6 miles OW today
Another nice note is that this month, I have logged over 77 miles of swimming.  Last month it was 45.  I really cranked it up.

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