Friday, May 4, 2012


Went to the GSL after work.  Gords was already there and I said I would meet him once I arrived.  I got ready quickly and I ran over to the lookout and saw where he was.  I got in and swam back to find him.  I got to the red buoy and waited and waited.  After about 10 minutes, I started to head back in to change my goggles.  I made a poor decision on them and could barely see.  Sure enough, at the mouth of the marina was Gords coming to me.  I KNEW IT.  LOL  we had missed each other.  I went back and changed goggles then we headed to Blackrock.  There was cloud cover and I don't know why but I was chilly for the whole swim.  My shoulders were not relaxed and I just felt worn out the whole swim.
The nice thing was that at spots, the water was crystal clear and you could see the bottom of the lake in good detail.  It's always beautiful to see that.  The bad thing was that there were billions of brine shrimp everywhere so you were swimming through them the entire swim.
Got back from Blackrock and Gords had to head in.  I wanted more so I did another mile loop near the marina.  Hooked up with Chad and we had a nice last mile together.  I finished with 3.58 miles but I'm not happy that I was sore for most of it and I seemed to be struggling today.  Could be an off day or maybe I need to change my recovery drink.  I used to use Cytomax but I am trying out Infinit from a recommendation of a friend.  Not sure what it is but I seem to be sore a lot more lately and it takes longer to warm up when I am swimming. 

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