Saturday, May 26, 2012


Went to Pineview this morning.  A storm was coming around noon and I wanted to get some miles in before it hit.  Got to the lake and Kim and Gordon were at least 20 minutes away.  I didn't feel like waiting so I got a head start on them.  I did a buoy route which is just around a mile and you can see a swimmer doing this route easily from the parking lot.  When I got back to the "beach" I met up with Gordon and Kim and we took off for a "dam route".  It was pretty calm until we were heading straight at the buoy line.  The next 3/4 mile was straight into the wind and against the current.  It seemed to take forever to get to the buoy line.  The chop was constant and I lost air many times to water being shoved down my throat instead.  Water felt really cool too.  My toes got cold but the rest of me felt fine.
Me, Kim, and Gordon

 Once we got to the buoy line we headed back.  Going back was MUCH faster.  The wind and waves were pushing me so much that my SSD hit me in the back of the head several times.  It was pretty funny actually.  When we got back to the start, Kim was cold and said she was done.  I wasn't feeling that great either but I knew I needed the miles.  My shoulders felt like tar and I was hoping the GU I just took would help.  It did.  I felt much better going out the 2nd time and was even slightly ahead of Gordon.  I'm under NO illusion that I was faster than him.  It was just that his PFD was dragging him backwards with a much stronger force than mine was.  We were within decent sight of the buoy line when a pretty dark cloud came in.  It was already raining on us and making the water colder.  Gords said it had dropped to 60. Yesterday it was 63-64.  I felt good but the clouds didn't look to inviting.  I just didn't want to get caught out in the middle of the lake if lightning started.
Look close and you can see my hand on his shoulder.  It looks like I'm trying to push him down....and I WAS!  MUHAHAHAHA

I waved down Gords and I told him it wasn't worth it and he agreed.  Times like these are when I feel like such a wimp but I keep saying "Safety First"!....what a dork!  Got back and really wished for more but I could swear I heard a thunder roll when we were almost done.
Got back to my car and I was FREEZING and shaking pretty bad.  I was only in my speedo, towel, and a wool cap.  I was shaking the whole way home but I kept myself cold on purpose.
GPS read 4.09 for today.

On a side note, it is exactly one month from now when I'll be swimming the Catalina Channel.  I can't believe that it's this close already.  I have to start working on my taper before I know it.  I definitely feel that I'm ready but it just seemed so far away and now it's getting very close!

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