Thursday, May 17, 2012


Gords and I got up at 0515.  I had a TOUGH night sleep.  I just never got comfortable and sleep only seemed to come in 10-20 minutes increments.  I was pretty groggy when we got to the lake.  I got in and planned on 4 laps.  I was half asleep for the 1 and 1/2 laps.  I finally got awake and my arms/shoulders stretched out.  I felt pretty good on the 3rd lap and caught up with some a few of the other swimmers here who were on their first lap.  I finished my final lap with them and even had Karen Rogers swim next to me for awhile to watch my stroke.  She said I dip my left elbow a tiny but my stroke looks great.  My hip rotation and body position are "amazing".  Wow!  Being told I have an "amazing" body position coming from a person of Karen's caliber really meant something to me.  I finished the 4th lap and was at 4.8 miles.  I decided to swim a bit more to get me over 5.  I know I did over 5 but I'm not exact so I'll just say 5.
There was something in the water this morning that was making most of us itch.  I was itching like CRAZY when I got out and a shower didn't help much.  Others were effected like this too.  Some of the people that swam a bit in the afternoon said that whatever it was is now gone.
We are all just hanging out and chatting now.

On a side note, it seems that Karen has invited Gords and me to her house at Lake Tahoe.  We plan on leaving Saturday and doing a swim with her there.  It's 55 and we need to cold water.  Plus she and Jamie were going on and on about how beautiful and clear the water is there so we want to go check it out.
One more thing I'm REALLY excited about.

5 far.  Prob more tonight.

 Went for another swim this afternoon. Most of us went out for this one. Did 1 lap with a little bit of effort and was just barely ahead of Cathy Delneo. We met up after the first lap and we decided to do one more nice and easy. 2nd lap felt nice and I mainly just stretched out. Finished with about 2.5 and feeling good.
 Total today is 7.5 miles

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