Wednesday, May 2, 2012


When my alarm went off this morning, I just looked at it, laughed, turned it off, then was back asleep in 2 seconds.  My last thought was, "I'll just do more at the lake today".
I met Gords, Josh, Chad, and Michelle at the marina around 1700.  Water felt really good.  I had texted Gords that I wanted to do a longer swim today.  I knew he would be up for it.  We all got out of the marina and Josh and Michelle decided to do the buoy routes nearby to keep it short.  Gords and I took off for Blackrock and Chad was right behind us.  Going out was fun.  There was a nice current from the NW heading SE that pushed us a little bit.  Going back was a small challenge but it was nice.  I got pushed around a bit and missed some breathing due to a small wave smashing my face when I went for air but otherwise it was great.  When we got back to the marina, we asked Chad if he wanted to join us for one more.  He just said, "Have fun" and Gords and I took off.  I'm glad Gords was up to one more Gridley Straight lap.  Even though I can't keep up with him for more than a few hundred yards before he completely drops me then steadily gets farther from me, it's nice knowing I'm doing these swims with someone else.  Just that little mental help goes a long way.  When I got to Blackrock the 2nd time, Gords was walking out to me.  He looked anxious to leave.  I asked if he was okay and he said "yes" but his face was contradicting his tongue.  I tried to get my drink quickly and THE second I closed my bag, he took off.  The swim back was calmer than the first one.  Current was still there but the chop had subsided some.
I was happy that we did the 2 laps.  I might make this the standard for at least once a week.  My shoulders got a bit tight on the 2nd mile but after a bit they relaxed again.  I just really REALLY love swimming out there.  My tongue was pretty beat up.  It's much better since I've adopted a different breathing technique for when I'm in the GSL but salt will find it's way in and will rip your tongue and mouth up some.

On a faux serious note, I've been doing some serious reflection on a topic that is of great importance.
It came to mind when I made the commitment to swim Catalina and I kept putting it on the back burner but now it's coming more and more important and I had to make a decision.  I talked to other distance swimmers about it and I got conflicting opinions.  I even talked with my church leader and he couldn't help much being as extremely unqualified as he is at this subject. 
During my swim in the GSL, it was almost all I could think about.  I HAD to make a decision.  I knew that it would have a major impact on my channel swim and how my performance might be.  My wife has been great at helping me but the decision ultimately comes down to me.  I can't remember the last time I had to make a decision on something that was so difficult.  It reminds me of those "reality" TV shows where it gets down to the last few contestants and the judges ALWAYS say how difficult of a decision it was but someone had to be cut.  Now I know and feel their pain.  I had to make a decision and so here it is.
After months of speculation and serious prayer, reflection and many sleepless nights, I've decided......
Just like most female marathon swimmers do, I'm going to swim Catalina topless.  HAHA  :)

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