Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Yesterday was my 7th wedding anniversary so I took the day off.  Slept in while snuggling then came right home after work to take my wife on a long date.  It was nice.  We went to dinner then I took her to an indoor skydiving place nearby.  She was REALLY scared but did it anyway.  She loved it in the end.  The video was WELL worth the 15 bucks!  Then we went to a movie.  Got home late and I was settling down for sleep well past my bedtime.
Got to the pool a bit late today and was still sleepy.

500 WU
1000 K
500 pull with new Finis bandless agility hand paddles - actually kinda like these.  My fingers didn't feel any pain from pressure spots like some other paddles put on specific areas of fingers while pulling.
10 x 100 on the 2 minute.  Hit under 1:25 for each and last one I hit 1:15
500 CD


Lynn Kubasek showing the paddles we got at swim camp.  This is my observer for Catalina!

I plan on hitting GSL this afternoon for about 2 more miles.  Nothing much just an easy afternoon swim.  I need to slowly make up for me slacking yesterday.

I almost forgot!  Karen Rogers who is the official Queen of Lake Tahoe called me yesterday.  We talked about camp and how she was recovering from the parasites that dug in her skin and made her feel so bad.  She was sorry that she missed Gordon and me when we were at Tahoe but we understood why.  She wants us to come back real bad.  I did ask her (seeing that she IS the Queen of Lake Tahoe) if it was okay, since Gordon and I did an hour in the lake and over one mile, if it was okay if we could call ourselves the Squires of Lake Tahoe.  She laughed hysterically and gave us her blessing.  Gordon and I may be the some of the tops dogs of GSL but we are now also the Squires of Lake Tahoe!  I am happy with this title.  :)

Went to Antelope Island today on the way home.  I wanted to do an easy 2 miles but it turned into a small adventure.  Water temp was in 70's and I wasn't too happy about this.  I need to find colder water!  On the way out of the marina, a flock of seagulls were hovering over me.  These 20 or so rats with wings stayed right above me for most of the swim.  I'd randomly stop and yell at them, "Hey, Piss Off"!  I swam NE until I was parallel with the small bridge that leads up to the marina.  I then swam straight towards it.  Once I got close enough, I felt the push of the water from the flow from the water under the bridge.  I swam in place against this current for a few minutes.  It was kinda fun swimming on a treadmill.   I moved north of the bridge then got a gel and something to drink.  I headed back and almost immediately the wind picked up.  It was already overcast but the wind started to get real strong.  I was being pushed all over the place.  Swimming with my SSD is safe but it does create drag.  I had to keep swimming in opposite directions of the marina opening in order to get pushed into it.  Once inside I was able to swim to the ramp easily.  I noticed all the seagulls were just hovering in place against the wind and the US flag was straight out.  Glad I was getting out.  I didn't have a GPS but I'm very comfortable saying I did 2 miles.

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