Wednesday, May 9, 2012

8May12 - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Slept in this morning.  I knew I was going to the GSL after work so I just needed to do at least 3 miles.
I got to the marina a bit early.  The temp read 68 degrees.  It's getting too warm for what I need to be training in.  For casual swims it's okay but I need to TRAIN in colder water.  Gords and I talked about it after our swim and he feels the same way.  We are going to have to start doing some swims at higher altitudes and colder water so we can get back to thinking 60 degrees is "hot" for us.
I went with Gords and Chad on a Gridley Straight.  I was SO slow the first lap.  Gords dropped me before he could blink and I normally am about the same pace as Chad or at times a tiny bit faster but never by much.  When we were finishing the first lap, I was seriously considering just doing a buoy route to get my needed extra mile in then calling it good.  When I got to the buoy, Chad was waiting for me and Gords was doing extra to keep from getting cold from waiting for my slow ass too long.
As soon as he arrived, he looked right at me and said if I was ready for another.  I admit that I was temporarily mesmorized by his beard (mainly out of jealousy since I shaved mine off) and said yes.  I almost immediately regretted this decision.  I got dropped again quickly and just decided to think about my stroke and sing some songs.  When I got to Blackrock the 2nd time, I finished off a small bottle of Cytomax and headed back to the marina.  I don't know what happened but something clicked in me.  About halfway back I started feeling REALLY good.  My shoulders, arms, legs, and everything felt completely fresh.  I started to go a bit faster.  I went faster and faster and pulled with some real effort on each stroke.  I got to the point where I felt like I was doing 100 yard power splits but I was getting no rest.  I was encouraging myself to just keep going at this speed and if I crash out, then so be it, I can just coast back to the marina.  I never did crash out.  I soon caught Chad who had been a few hundred yards ahead of me and even ended up a little bit ahead of him.  I was out of drinks and had no food but Gords had his drink out.  I finished what he had then I wanted to swim more.  Gords and Chad were game and I took off immediately.  I went strong still but not as strong.  I couldn't keep up with Gords (let's not get crazy here) but I was able to stay with Chad with ease when even trying to keep up with him earlier was too much for me. 
I'm not sure what happened but I felt like a completely different person.  When I got to the marina, I was actually kinda pissed I had to stop.  I wanted more time in the water and more miles to take on.  I wish I could feel like that beast that I was for that time more often. 
The other thought was that I had just done 5 miles in about 2 and 1/2 hours.  That means I was averaging under 30 min miles because of the breaks.  I guess I was going at a decent pace after all even though I felt like cold tar for the first 3 miles.
The last thought I had was that 3 more of todays workout = my Catalina swim!  BRING IT!!!

5 miles total today

I ALMOST FORGOT...Each time the water got shallow at Blackrock, I don't know why but I stood up and started "frolicking" for awhile.  Hopping up and down with a stupid grin on my face and arms waving daintily throught the air.  I found it quite hysterical.  Gords got a laugh seeing me then asked if I wanted some pics of it. Chad just stuck his head up and yelled, "You're an idiot"'re just figuring this out NOW Chad??  LOL

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