Tuesday, May 15, 2012

15May12 {day off? - girl PLEASE}

I know I posted yesterday that I was going to take today off but I forgot about something.  My father in law was having a family get together and BBQ at his place at 6:30 in Erda.  The GSL Marina is on the way.  Me drive by the GSL with time to kill and NOT get in?  Yeah right!!! 
I did take it easy.  I got ready and the regular bus full of Japanese tourists were there as I got in.  I am pretty sure there are pictures of me (and my other swim buddies) in many family vacation albums back in Japan!  We get out picture taken out there by tourists regularly.
I was solo so I stuck to the buoy route.  Did one loop and then after a drink, I did another.  Felt really good the whole time.  Lake was clear and only mildly choppy.
I did have 2 sailboats pass me and I stopped swimming to wave from pretty far away and they both saw me and waved back.  I'm sure it was from the SSD but they clearly saw me and both CLEARLY made some adjustments to get out of my path.  Further proof why swimming with an SSD is smart.  You are visible from a LONG way away!
Got out and chatted with a woman who moved to Utah a few months ago.  She's getting her PhD in Molecular Engineering at the U and comes to the GSL daily to relax and let her mind rest.  Good spot.  She said she loves the lake and being around it as much as she can.  I took the opportunity to invite her to paddle for us when we do swims.  She's up for it.  We'll see what happens but I doubt it will be the last time I run into her.  She seemed really excited about doing something with us, even in the middle of the night for night swims.

2 miles today nice and easy

Home now and time to pack for my trip to Hidden Valley Lake, CA.  SOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!

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