Monday, May 7, 2012


I've have been a bit of a slacker this week.  I took Friday off and when Saturday came, I did a short swim.  I met up with Alicia today.  She and I have done a lot of OW swims together but this was her first one of the year.  She wanted to keep it casual and I had no problem with that.  We went to Antelope Island marina and there was a bike race going on.  We had a TON of people looking at us funny and were probably asked about 1000 times, "Are you going swimming"?  Gee-wizz, what gave it away?  Is it us walking around in speedo's?  I just smiled and said yes and could feel lots of eyes on us as we got in.  Water temp read 61 and it felt nice.  Alicia adjusted quickly and once we cleared the marina entrance, we headed north for awhile.  I counted 1000 strokes then we headed back in.  She started to get a bit tired toward the end but did great overall.  We finished with 1.67 miles.  I was happy we got to swim together.  I know it will happen a lot more.  I just feel like a bit of a bum for not doing more.  I should have done 6 miles today.

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