Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2May12 - Ghost Fans

Today I got up pretty happy and was not grumpy about going to the pool.  I knew my shoulders would be a bit sore from the 4 miles at GSL yesterday but they relaxed quickly enough.
I only needed to get 3800 today to hit my average quota of 5k yards per day during the week.  Well there is no way I can just do 3800 is there?  It's such an ugly number to end on. So 4k it was.
1000 WU
500 K with fins
ladders by 50 up to 250 with fins then back down without
5 x 50 hypoxic training - NOT FUN
250 K no fins
500 CD
During the CD, I was able to hand out 4 "got salt" magnets.  One was for someone that I promised him one.  One was for a guy next to me that had "triathlete" written all over him.  He said the 1 mile sounded like fun and he would definitely check it out.
The last 2 went to 2 women in the lanes next to me.  I asked what they were training for and one said just some Olympic tri's.  They asked what I'm training for and I just said that I'm distance swimmer.  I told them about the GSL 1 miler and they had heard of it.  One woman then asked my name and she not only knew who I was, but follows my blog...THIS ONE!  I have a ghost fan!  It was pretty neat to be honest.  I didn't know more than the 4 people that claim they follow this blog ever read this.  She said when she moved here she did a search on Utah open water swimmers and my name came up.  I kept my composure but I was thinking, how the Hell???  What search engine is so broken that my name comes up when you search for Utah open water swimmers?  LOL She said she was Annie Stanish and she had moved from California to Utah and was looking to get into the open water scene.  I think she may have the states backwards as far as what state is good for open water swimmers and communities.  We are small but we welcome her with open arms.  She said she is interested in the 1 miler and hopefully I'm able to get her out to the GSL with us a few times.  It would be nice to have more females in our ranks!
So, thank you to all my friends that read this and a thank you to all the ghost fans that I'm not aware are reading this.

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