Monday, May 28, 2012


Great swim today.  Met with Gords at Pineview for an early morning long swim.  We were in the water before 0700 and it was a bit chilly.  Air temp was 45.  Before getting in, we reenacted Gordon hitchhiking in his Robaquatics speedo.  It was AWESOME. 

What the driver saw when we had to hitch a ride during Swim Camp minus Cathy and me...I'm taking the pic!
What we looked like when they passed by and whistled or cat called us.  (Notice the representation on his ass!)

Finally someone picked him up so he could come to get us....{sad face}

Once we got in, I took a minute to adjust then we were off for several dam buoy routes.  I really like this route because you only really have to slowly turn once and you can just use the dam as a sighting and just zone out and swim for awhile before having to worry about navigating.

Gords and I on first lap

The water was pretty chilly and after the first lap I asked Gords the temp.  He said it was 57.  I was amazed at how good I felt.  My shoulders were a TINY bit chilly along with my toes but I felt really comfortable.  I was just hoping it would last.  The temp stayed at 57 for another lap then 58 for 3rd lap then 59-60 for my last lap.  I never got cold to the point of being uncomfortable.  This really lifted my spirits because I knew without a doubt that I could have stayed in sub 60 water all day and it never would have gotten to me.
After each lap I had to refill my drink and then get a quick feed.  Gords was great in waiting for me while I did this.
The most beautiful thing about today was swimming as the sun rose above the mountains.  Pictures didn't do it justice but Gords and I stopped a few times to just admire how great it looked and take a few pics.  There was a light mist over the lake and rays of sunlight coming down from pockets in the clouds.  It was truly mesmerizing.
So beautiful today

I made a "special" milk jug that I hoped people would take a hint to leave my drink alone.  I think it worked!
AIDS, HERPES....oh yeah...and a COLD!!!  LOL

After 4 laps I was at 7.5 miles.  I had a family obligation to get to so I had to get out.  My shoulders were a bit sore but I know that I could easily have kept going and going. 
I felt really proud of myself for today.  I know I'm ready for Catalina but swims like this solidify it.  I went a long time in water colder than I will get at Catalina and it barely effected me.  I also felt really good after 7.5 miles.  I needed some Vitamin I pretty bad but other than that, my energy was holding well. 
I also had a great swim with my training buddy Gordon.  The last leg back he dragged my SSD behind him and I was able to work on some mental training.  I had him swim to my side 3-5 yards away with his head at my hip.  This is where I'll want my support swimmers when I do Catalina so it was a good visual for me and good practice for him.  Thanks for always being willing to help Gordon.  Days like today are proof that NO ONE completes a ultra-marathon swim alone.  Many people help along the way and today was no exception.

7.5 today  WOOT!


  1. Awesome swim! I'm glad to hear that your training is going so well.

  2. LOVE-love-LOVE the hitch-hiking re-enactment. What a hoot! Soi happy your training is going well too!

  3. Good job today bud. Couldn't have had a better day. Looking forward to your Catalina swim. You're gonna do great!