Sunday, May 13, 2012

12May12 - Double Dip

Went to the pool at 5 and did an easy 5k.
I did a 1000 warmup
500 Kick
500 swim
Then I got bored...REALLY BORED and did repeats of 50 breast then 200 free over and over.
Once I hit 100 laps, I was done.

I then took a quick rinse and drove to get Gordon.  We went to the GSL Marina at Saltair.  Antelope is right down the road but the harbor master Dave hinted that for our first one, he would prefer us to leave from where he is.  He's being REALLY nice about letting us swim/kayak past park hours so we had no problem with this request. 
We checked in with him upon arriving and he asked if we knew anyone in a camo truck.  We don't.  Apparently, someone driving a camouflage truck was in the lake really early that morning.  He had no SSD, or anything to make it easy to spot him.  He was also alone.  A sailboat almost ran over him.  I don't have a problem with people wanting to swim in the GSL...I encourage it all the time.  BUT be smart about it!  Have something that makes you highly visible, swim with a buddy, KNOW WHERE YOU ARE!  If a boat almost ran over him, that means he was out in the middle of the lake and not closer to the shore like we normally do.
Josh, Gordon, and I have been swimming regularly all year at the GSL and we promote safety when swimming when we can.  It's this work we've been doing that allows us privileges like being able to swim after dark.  Don't be a thoughtless jackass and ruin it for us and everyone else.
ANYHOW, we had some time to kill before it got dark enough to launch.  I was a bit sore and not 100% motivated to do the swim.  Not sure why.  Lazy I guess.
I went first and after some safety chat (see that word SAFETY?), we went out.  Gordon thought we were going to trade positions at Blackrock.  I wanted 2 miles.  Thankfully, asking Gordon if he wants to swim more is like asking me if I want more ice cream!
The water was AMAZING.  Smooth as glass and not a boat to be seen anywhere.  The water felt weird.  The temperature was layered.  The very top was cold then it was a few degrees warmer for about a foot under that, then it was cold where your hand reached on the pull through.  It was weird.  Some parts of you were chilly and some parts were warm and it kept changing which part was which.  I found it amusing.
Gordon did a stroke count for me and it seems I do an average of 60 strokes per minute.  Good to know this.
Once we hit Blackrock, I got some drink and took a gel.  I could not believe a few things:
1) How fast we got to Blackrock
2) How calm everything was out there
3) How extremely comfortable I felt.  I could have stayed out there all night!
I was really glad I got in despite my lack of motivation beforehand.  The swim was 1000 times better than I imagined it to be.

Once we got back we switched.  Gords did his 2 miles.  I'm nowhere near as good of a paddler as he is.  I do okay but I wasn't so great at holding a steady rate right next to him.  We both were having a great time.
We both got our 2 miles in then headed home.  Great night and great training swim!  Thanks again Gordon and more of these to come.

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