Wednesday, May 30, 2012

30May12 - Challenge complete!

Today was the last day of school!  It was a nice drive home knowing I have a few months off from teaching.  I headed straight for the pool and was scheduled to do 4400.  Once I got done, I just wanted to do some more so I added another 1600 on to make it an even 6k.  I hate ending workouts on anything other than a 500 or even 1000 mark.  Guess it's just one of my weirdo quirks!
One thing that I'm happy about is that today I officially completed my "Karen Rogers Challenge".  I made this up but wanted to try it anyway.  Karen said during swim camp that she hasn't taken a hot shower in years.  She only takes cold showers.  I wanted to try this out but only for a week.  I can honestly say that for every shower I took this last week, the water was cold.  It wasn't on freezing but it was definitely below even the slightest amount of warm.  It took a few minutes to adjust each time but then it felt good.  The amount of adjustment time decreased each day also.  Today it was practically nothing when the cold water was pouring over my hot body.....hehe
I can't say that I'm going to keep doing this but it really wasn't as bad as I expected.  It may be helping my cold water tolerance or it may not be.  I don't care because I do know that it IS invigorating as hell!

6000 yards today


  1. You're the man. You've inspired me. Karen Rogers challenge for me until EC is complete!

  2. Complete? Don't you mean started?
    And remember mate, you gotta start cold and end cold. No heat to start then going down to cold. Enjoy the rush! Just remember to be mindful of your short breathing while in a public shower.....