Thursday, May 24, 2012


Went to the pool this morning and met up with Kim.  Did a moderate 4000
1000 warmup
500 kick
ladders by 50 up to 250 then back down.  Pull on 50's going up the ladder
500 kick
500 CD
I skipped a good dinner last night and went to bed real early.  I felt rested but could feel my empty tank. 

Went to GSL this afternoon.  It's a bit cooler today so I did a Gridley Straight.  Bit of wind and chop but nothing major.  Felt like I swam pretty well.  I should have done another lap but I just found myself wandering into the marina after one lap.  Got to see and chat with Gords and Chad some.
I am a bit behind on my weekly quota.  I am going to have to do over 5k tomorrow then probably 2 swims on Sat.  I was sick on Monday and depressed yesterday.  Ahhhh life....stop getting in the way of my TRAINING!!!

4000 yards in morning and 2.2 miles OW in afternoon

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