Saturday, May 26, 2012


Decided to go to Pineview after work today to check it out.  Got there and did a temp reading of 63 degrees.  This made me very happy.  Wasn't feeling that great but I had to get something in so I did the dam route.  Halfway there my goggles broke.  That was fun!  I got to the side and fixed them then finished my swim.  I was a bit chilly for the first few minutes of the swim but it was only a very slight chill.  The rest of the swim I felt great.  I was EXTREMELY distracted today while swimming and I couldn't seem to focus on anything relating to swimming.  Still wasn't feeling that great after 2 miles so I got out.  I'm really short of my weekly quota but it's been a nutso week so I gotta not mentally beat myself up over it.  School ends next Wednesday and I have Monday off so making my 20 mile quota shouldn't be a problem.

2 miles OW

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