Monday, April 30, 2012


Last workout of April.  I start doing swims every morning now except Sundays so the yards/miles are going to pile up.  I drove to Pineview on Saturday and did a temp reading.  It's at 45.  I'm ok with that but not alone.  I got back to the car and decided to have a "day of nothing" that day.  I'm a little burned out on swimming so I took Saturday off and sat my fat lazy ass on the sofa ALL DAY and watched the NBA playoffs.  As Peter says on the movie Office Space, "I did absolutely nothing, and it was everything that I thought it could be".
I got 45 miles last month which put me over 150 miles so far for the year.  I hit the 150 mile mark today by doing 4000.  I was aiming for 5k but got started a bit late and I was pretty sluggish too.
The pull sets I had to do were hurting my shoulders and I was REALLY unmotivated to get any of the times that I was supposed to get.  I got about 1500 into the workout when I just said "screw it" and swam for distance to just get it done and couldn't care less about the times anymore.  Oh well.

4k today

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