Friday, April 20, 2012


Got up and was ready at 0435.  Still not sure about how I would do considering I was off all last week so I did my own workout.
500 WU
500 K
500 with PT paddles
500 with pull paddles
500 kick
250 swim
250 pull
ladders by 50 up to 200 then back down

4000 today
I plan on going to the GSL this afternoon for more.  I did try my new Infinite drink and it wasn't bad.  Decent flavor and did not upset my stomach at all.  I'll have to keep using it and especially on long swims to see if I can still handle it.

Got to the GSL marina just around 1645 and there were other people there.  Jim was there along with Josh and Chad.  There were some newcomers too.  They all had wetsuits so I had to bite my tongue but it was nice to have new swimmers there.  They all seemed to enjoy the water and all kept staring at us when we went in with only speedos.  Josh stayed with a new woman that wants to start coming out with us on Thursdays to just make sure she was okay.
Chad and I wanted to do some more.  The water temp was 58 and felt nice.  Once we left the marina it got a bit warmer.  We decided to not do the Gridley Straight but head west like we did on Tuesday.  About halfway to the 2nd buoy, the temperature just bottomed out.  You were nice one stroke and the next arm stroke it just DROPPED.  It was that fast.  Both Chad and I stopped our swim for a second to comment on how much it shocked us.  I'll conservatively say it went down 5 degrees.  Chad thought more.  It made me cold immediately.  We pressed on anyway and stayed together to the farthest buoy.  We headed back in and we were side by side when we hit the "warmer" 58 degree water again.  I gave him a thumbs up as I was swimming and he pooped up with a huge smile on his face yelling, "There it is"!  It felt nice and we even sat around in it for about 30 seconds.
Finish up at just over 1.5 miles.  The nice thing was being out in the water again today. 
The bummer thing was that it wasn't until the last 10 minutes that my shoulders relaxed and I could stroke efficiently without pain.  I was pulling real gently the whole way because anything more than that caused some minor pain. 
I ended up going to bed at 2000.  I was pretty beat.

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