Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I feel like I'm in a funk.  Swimming seems to be a chore right now and I'm not enjoying it as much as I normally do.  I'm sure we all go through this but I just don't like it.  I find that I'm forcing myself to get up each morning to swim and I can only think of excuses to go back to bed instead of being excited to hit the pool.
I decided to dump my workout today and just do a casual swim.  No toys, no sets, no times.  I just got in and swam while zoned out.  I haven't done that in awhile so it was nice.  I stopped when I wanted something to drink but each rest was only 20 sec at most.
When my finger counter hit 100, I got out.  Nice and easy 5000 today.  Since Thursday is looking ugly for the weather, I might hit the GSL this afternoon for a bit.

Went to the GSL after work and met up with Josh and Gords.  Water temp was 62...I guess.  One reading was 57, one was 60, one was 67, and one was 68....who knows!  Water felt great regardless.  We all decided to do the Gridley Straight today.  My shoulders were a bit sore but after about 1/4 mile they felt better.  I didn't push it too much and spent a good deal of time thinking about my stroke and good follow throughs.  As usual, Josh and Gords slowly got ahead then by the end of the mile, they had to wait a bit for me.  I just can't keep up with them.  They don't mind but I do feel like Randy Parker from A Christmas Story...."HEY GUYS WAIT UP"!!!
On the way back I started to feel really good.  When I got back to the marina buoy, I really wanted to do more.  I was low on drinks and I had some food in my car.  Gords took off for another lap and I tried to convince Josh to do some more with me too.  He said he was done and headed in.  If I had some more to drink I would have gone for much more.  I just went west to the next red buoy, headed north to the green one then back in.  It added more.  When I was at the 2nd buoy and was debating going to the 3rd, the ONLY thing I could think of was FOOD.  (Should I get Subway, In and Out, 5 buck pizza???)  I was starving at this point I guess. 
Me coming in.
I headed back in and Josh was about to leave.  We chatted for a bit and while we were talking I realized I really need to pack more food with me and drinks.  If I was better prepared, I would have kept on going.
My GPS on my phone stopped for some reason which REALLY pissed me off.  I wanted to know the exact distance I swam.  I want to keep accurate records and I'm real particular about it so this upset me quite a bit.  Josh said I probably did 2.75 total but I'm going to cut myself short and say only 2.5 to be safe.  I KNOW I did more but I'd rather record less than more than an honest swim.  Grrrrr.
My entire drive home I kept thinking of food.  I had a Cliff bar in my bag and it took 2 bites for it to be gone.  When I got home I ordered a large all meat pizza.  I picked it up and destroyed the whole thing in one sitting.  It was fantastic!  I love being able to eat like that and not feel guilty.
Total for the day is 5.5 miles.  Not bad.

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  1. I've been feeling the same way lately. I am kind of burnt out on swimming laps at the pool. Me, Gords and Michelle are going to GSL today...you should come.