Monday, April 2, 2012


Woke up today with a wet cough.  It wasn't that bad so I went to the pool anyway.  I decided to do one of my own workouts instead of Marcia's.
ladders by 50 up to 200 then repeat back down for 1k set
ladders again but with paddles
300 kick
ladders again just swim
300 kick
100 CD

I've had a theory that I've been pretty sure about and I joke around with Kim about.  We always swim next to each other and most of the time she's a bit faster than me.  Especially on pull sets.  She LOVES pulling.  Anyhow, when we are just doing a normal 200, she will get about 1/2 body length ahead of me and if I try to move up to get even with her, she would speed up.  This happens ALL THE TIME.  I told her about this but she would just laugh and lightly deny it.  Well today during our ladders I was doing about 45 sec per lap.  Just nice and even, nothing tough.  She was about 1 second per 50 faster than me.  So this means she was doing about 44 sec per lap or 43 at best per lap average.  On one of our 200's I kept up with her and made it a point to stay right with her the whole time.  Sure enough, every time we hit the 50, I'd do an open turn and look at the clock.  We were averaging 38-39 second laps the whole way!  BUSTED!  She's fine as long as I'm behind her but as soon as I get even or ahead, she takes off.  Now I had proof.  I told her and showed her our times and she couldn't deny it.  She just rolled her shoulders up some and laughed.  The only time I can get her and she can't beat me is when we do 100's or 50's really hard.  For 50's I beat her pretty good and for 100's I normally out-touch her or get her by one arm length but it's me 99% of the time.  Anything longer than that and she picks it up if I get even with her.  It's kinda funny but I now have proof when I yell at her to pace herself!  She says she does but no no Kim....BUSTED!

4k today.

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