Saturday, March 31, 2012


Wanted to get something in today and Kim has yet to ever be in the GSL.  So a perfect opportunity arose.  I am not feeling that great so I wanted to keep it short.  Kim wouldn't be able to handle much anyway.  We drove out there and were ready around 1530.  After a quick safety briefing we got in.  I adjusted quickly but my face seemed to take MUCH longer today.  The sides of my head were hurting pretty bad too.  I just thought it was because I didn't have a cap on and my sinuses are a bit stuffy.
Kim did fantastic.  She got in and really did good for her first real cold water swim.  I had put my thermometer in the water and left it alone.  I figured it was around 55 like the past week so I just left it there.
Kim kept moving to stay warm and I kept checking on her then showing her some cool stuff like how easy it is to float out there.  We did get some swimming in but nothing big.  Just easy strokes.
When I got out I checked the temp.  It was 50!  wow  guess it dropped a few more degrees with this storm coming in and all the high winds today.  Oh well  fun regardless!

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