Friday, March 30, 2012


I forgot to bring a recovery drink with me yesterday for the drive home after GSL.  I did some short sprint sets against the current as fun while there yesterday.  I even ended my swim doing a sprint.  Well this morning when I did my warmup, my shoulders were solid iron.  I felt pain with each follow through.  It was muscle pain so it didn't worry me but man it was tight and sensitive.  Modified my workout since I knew there was no way I was going to make what I had planned.
Did some IM's today nice and easy.  Did some backstroke sets and some hypoxic sets.
Ended up doing 2500.  I'm still ahead of schedule for my weekly yards/miles quota so I didn't feel back cutting back a bit today.  Plus I plan on doing another short swim at GSL today to stretch out some and get some more time in cold water.  It just feels so FREAKING good once I get adjusted swimming in colder water.
2500 today.....for now!

Went out and met Josh today at the Marina.  This will make 3 days in a row I've hit the GSL after work.  I was happy he was able to come and we just did a nice easy mile.  The current was really strong again heading south so going north I just did DPS drills and going south I just relaxed and enjoyed the push.  The water inside the marina read 55 but outside it was definitely colder.  Some currents crossed us that I know were near just 50 degrees.  It got COLD real quick when these came around.  It was real fun when we were heading back in and a boat passed us going into the marina.  That made the entire rest of the swim in freezing cold water.  fun fun.

Another mile in GSL today.

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