Thursday, March 29, 2012


Went to the GSL marina today for our weekly Thursday swim.  It's no longer a polar bear swim but now just a training swim.
I got there a bit late and there were a bunch of people there.  7 total today.  Woo-hoo a record!!
Chad, Josh, me, Jim
Me during my adjustment period.

Swam out with Josh and Chad and we just did a safe buoy route near the marina.  Current was strong heading south.  Going north was a challenge and the current kept Chad and me banging into each other.  He accidentally punched me twice and I knocked his goggles off.  Oops.   We laughed about it since we didn't mean to keep running into each other.  The way back to the marina was FAST.  We got to the last buoy before I even realized we had gone anywhere.  I took a few strokes and tah-dah, THERE!  Fun part was cutting cross current at a severe angle to make it back into the marina.
Water was 55 again and I felt fantastic.  We figured we did around 1300 yards.  I was in longer than 30 minutes so I'm happy more with my ability to handle the cold over time and distance out there for now.
Love these swims...LOVE THEM!!!!

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