Friday, March 9, 2012


Woke up this morning with the alarm going off and my wife hitting me.  She then informs me that it's 4:20.  My head was groggy but it took only .1 seconds to realize that I'm late.  I'm late getting up, I'm going to be late getting to the pool, and my workout is now cut short.  So now I'm in a pissy mood.
Got to the pool late and not ready to go.  Body was not ready either.  I did get to try my new Splish swim briefs with "Catalina or bust!" on the.  They are great!
Did 200 swim 300 kick for warmup
200 pull, 300 swim
500 pull then 500 hytoxic swimming
500 kicking then 500 CD....or something like that. 
3k total   I need to do more than normal tomorrow to make up for the shorter swim today.  I'll prob do about 10k.
Glad I swam but just don't like being late and I really don't like having to cut my workout short.

3000 today.

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