Thursday, March 8, 2012


I was on Facebook last night and I was able to chat with Douglas.  He told me he is coming to my swim and my coach Marcia really wants to come too but it will depend on some scheduling.  Then this morning I got news from Josh that he is a definite!  I'm beyond excited.  I can't wait to meet Doug and swim with him.  I also can't describe how much I want a fellow Utah swimmer (one that I train with and have a lot of respect for) to be the first one on the beach to share the moment of accomplishment.  I also plan on having Josh swim up to the beach ahead of me and clear it out of people in case some are there so no one touches me.  :)  So for now it looks like my crew is my wife, dad, Douglas McConnell, Rob Dumouchel, and Josh.  I'm waiting on word from 2 other people that can paddle for me and a strong possibility my coach will be there.  Sounds like a good crew to me.  I'm just a bit nervous about finding paddlers.  I know Josh and my wife can do it but then I need to hunt down 2 kayaks!
I'm eager for the swim this afternoon.

Update....Went to the GSL this afternoon.  Gords, Jim and I were ready to go.  Water temp was 45.
I didn't go last week so I knew the water might be a bit of a shock.  It was when I got in but my body adjusted quickly.  The biggest problem I had was my breathing.  It took a LOT longer than normal to get under control.  I forgot my asthma meds today which might have done it also but I could tell a difference.  My hands and feet hurt pretty bad but my chest, back, and legs felt great.  I swam out to the marina entrance with Jim then we went out about 5 feet into the GSL.  We both headed back in.  I contemplated going out to the buoy but voted against it.  I wanted time in today and not distance.  Finished with Gords and we got in and got out at the same time.  9 minutes.  I was tempted to do another shorter lap but Gords and I started chatting and it quickly left my mind.  Maybe next week.  It's time to start adding some real time and distance to these swims.  I really do think I might be able to become a member of the IISA this year or early next year.  

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