Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Another good day today.  It doesn't look like Kim will be able to come on Wednesdays anymore so I was solo today.  Considering I'm going to be taking Wednesdays off starting next month, that should solve the problem.
Felt good today but some interval times Marcia wanted me to hit I just could not.  I was doing 100's and going really hard but I was hitting the times that I was supposed to be leaving on.  Oh well!  If I went any faster, I'd be too tired to make the rest of the set.
Got 5k in today though.  I think this might be the next standard for morning swims.  It used to be 4k but if I get there right on time, minimize chatting and with how well I'm swimming, 5k can be done.
One more piece of good news, I hit another milestone in my training.  I am at 20.38% for my yearly goal of 500 miles!  This means that today I hit 100 miles. HOORAY FOR ME!!!  I'm pretty happy about this.  Considering last year I did 278 miles TOTAL, I'm well ahead of where I was before.  This year is already turning out to be a good swim year and I haven't done any major swims yet!

Gordon sent me a text earlier asking if I wanted to join him at the Antelope Island marina for a swim at the GSL this afternoon.  Got permission from the boss and I met him at 1800.  For some reason, I was a bit nervous.  I found it comical really.  Got greased up as he helped his daughter Lucy get the kayak ready.  I got in and felt REALLY cold.  I guess 2 weeks away from cold water swims catches up to you.  My body adjusted really fast except the bridge of my nose.  I was wearing my Swedes today so I get an extremely sharp pain there when it gets in cold water.  It took about 1 minute for my body to adjust and about 8 minutes for the "spot" on top of my nose to adjust.  I felt GREAT in the water and I was completely warm.  Gords and I decided to stick inside the marina area at first and do a lap.  I was pulling well and feeling fantastic.  We kept chatting about how good we felt and despite the fact that it was 55, we could have been comfortable for hours.  We ended up doing exactly one mile.
1 mile in 55 degree water.  I felt really good and wished it was sunnier.  Clouds kept my back cold but in the water I felt warm.

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