Friday, March 16, 2012

16Mar12 - back from the dead!

The flu I caught was one of the worst ones I've ever had.  I've been extremely sick and weak this week and not only did I have NO energy for swimming, it would also have been unwise.  I spent all day Sat, Sun, and most of Monday in bed.  Tuesday I was good enough to get to work but regretted the decicion when I got there.  Wednesday was small improvements and yesterday I still wasn't well enough to consider swimming.
This morning I got to the pool at 0500 and met with Kim.  She had done a long workout Wednesday and didn't mind a slow easy day to stretch herself out.  It felt nice to be in the pool again but it clearly had been a week.  I am still not 100% yet so I took my sweet time.  I just did some 50's nice and slow for awhile then some slow kicking.  I kept having to stop and cough for the first 20 minutes.  The longest set I did was 150 and even that was at an extremely cautious pace.  I also mainly had to breathe every stroke.  Lungs aren't ready for bilateral yet.  Still too wet inside...yuck!

1650 total. 
I'm hoping tomorrow to get a few thousand in but I plan on going slow like this until I'm positive I'm back to 100% healthy.  My coach keep politely warning me to be wise on my return and don't push myself until I'm ready.  That will set me back even more!

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