Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Was supposed to swim yesterday morning but I woke up at 0400 with a pretty good wet cough so I decided to push it back until later.  When I got home, I had "honey do" chores to do so I had to go today on my "day off" instead.  Today's swim was complete garbage.
I did an earlier workout and could NOT get myself moving.  I missed pretty much every time I needed to hit and some of the intervals I was at a full sprint and still did not make the time.  This really bummed me out.  Shoulders felt like they had tar in them.  I was pulling as strong as I could and recovering as fast as I could but was just not going anywhere.  It was pretty ugly to be honest.  First I was bummed but by the end of the workout I was pretty pissed.  I kept dropping F bombs all over the place at myself, my goggles when they leaked, the kickboard, my leg buoy ...none were spared!
I did get 4500 in today which is good but man alive what a sh**ty swim today was.

4500 yards

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