Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Made myself go again today even though my motivation wasn't all there.  Was very glad I did.  I was sluggish the first 1000 yards but started feeling better after that.  The more I swam, the better I felt.  I was very happy by around 3000 and felt back at ease with the water despite my energy level the past week.
I ended up doing 6000 even though I was only supposed to do 4000!
1000 WU
6 x 500
1500 swim with breast mixed in once and awhile.
500 CD

I have a long swim tomorrow so hopefully I feel just as good then as I did during this swim.....still looking forward to the lakes on a regular basis!!!!

I just realized that after today, I have passed 100 miles in my training according to USMS Go the Distance calculator!!!!  Hooray me!

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