Sunday, May 15, 2011


Just an update for my last few swims.  I did not swim Thursday because I was flying to VA all day.  I got screwed out of my seat in Detroit and had to wait there another 4 and 1/2 hours to get next flight.
I was fortunate enough to be allowed to swim at the William and Mary pool.  Our family was given a private tour of the new gym and the redoing of the outdoor rec recently.  It was VERY impressive.  I was given permission to swim in the pool since some members of their swim team were practicing.  I just got in the outside lane and did my slow laps while their team swam in the middle lanes making me look like I was dragging bricks!
I got 40 min in so I'll round to a VERY conservative 2000 yards.  I probably did more than that but don't want to give credit for more than I did so I'll go short on my guess.

On Saturday the 14th, I got up at 0600 and drove down to Hampton to swim at Buckroe Beach.  There was a small storm the night before with high winds but I figured it was gone.  I looked at the horizon and saw red in the distance.....not good!  The waves were rough but I figured I'd just swim out past the break and I'd be fine.  I kept swimming farther and farther from shore but the waves only seemed to get more violent as I swam.  I kept going for a bit anyway but I soon was having difficutly navigating.  I then realized that I had the rental car with me and pretty much NO ONE knew where I was if something were to happen.  I did have Gords SSD with me and it was great but it was never behind me.  It was always parallel to me pulling me to the side.  I decided for safety reasons that I'd better head in.  I have done hundreds and hundreds of miles in the ocean and open water and if I consider it too choppy or rough to swim in, then it was REALLY bad.
I figure I did around a mile.  I'm being conservative again here because I'm sure I did more.
I was VERY disapointed that the water was not cooperating with me because I wanted to do at least 2 hours in "real" open water but the weather gods decided otherwise...oh well.  It was nice to go back to one of my old swim spots anyway.

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