Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Good swim today.  My wife and I went to the Great Salt Lake with our kayak.  She wanted one more real practice together before the swim next week.  We drove out to Antelope Island and left from the boatramp there.  The wind was a bit rough at times but it did not give the lake too much of a choppy top.  I did notice a good current under me though.  When we got there, the temp was 65 degrees.  Once we left the inlet, it got colder as the current picked up.   I swam out for 1 hour and 20 minutes.  Despite going out into the MIDDLE of the freaking lake, the gnats were still all over Patricia.  How can something so tiny fly so far out??  Anyhow, I noticed she was getting tired of smacking her skin constantly so we turned around.  The current was now against us and the swim back took 20 min longer than going out.  Every time I stopped for hydration, I could feel myself getting pulled back and to the side some and it was VERY visible watching Patricia float back in a direction she didn't want to be heading.  :)
All in all the swim took me 2 hours and 58 minutes.  I'm quite positive I did at least 5 1/2 miles even with the current.  I felt great when done and I know I easily could have gone longer. 
I'm 100% confident in my swim next Saturday
I'm VERY grateful for Patricia coming out with me and she is learning to be a good support kayak and navigator.  I am trusting her more as my navigator as opposed to looking up and checking myself randomly to make sure we are on the right heading.  She did a great job.

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