Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Good swim today.  Met with Gords to do a few hours in the Great Salt Lake.  The water temp started around 61 to 62 degrees but seemed to get colder as we went along.  We had no real clear objective other than to keep swimming as much as we can for 2 hours.  We would find an island off in the distance and use that as our navigation point then stop every 20 min or so to chat for a sec and get some hydration.  The water started to get to me a bit about an hour into the swim.  My toes were numb and by the 2 hour mark, my toes were non-existent and my entire feet were quickly joining them!  I finished well and felt good when we were done.  We ended up doing 3.54 miles according to Gords GPS.  I was hoping to do more but there were times when we were clearly headed against the current so progress was slowed.
Overall I had a great time and am looking forward for more swims.  Gotta get more to come out!!  People that plan on doing the GSL race next month may have a surprise or two with the salt content and how heavy the water progressively gets the more you swim.

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