Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Words can not express how bad I felt today.  I'm posting this a day after because yesterday I actually had NO energy to do ANYTHING.  I was up most of the night feeling miserable and only wanted to sleep all day.  I actually DID just sleep on and off all day.  I'd sleep for 2 hours, get up for 10 minutes and go back to sleep.  I called a friend of mine that is a nurse and he told me I was dehydrated.  Stay awake and drink water slowly.  I did and I started to feel better after a couple of hours.  The only thing I ate the entire day was a toasted bagel with butter at night and I only drank water with a touch of gatorade for flavor.  The rest of the time was spend either sleeping or sitting in front of TV with daughters watching Disney movies. 
I went to bed at 1900 and slept really well last night.
I plan on swimming today considering I feel MUCH better but not sure when or where yet.

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