Sunday, May 22, 2011


Distance day today.  Got to the pool and in the water right before noon.  I brought lots of liquids and a few gels with me.  I just got into a nice steady and even pace and held it for the next several hours.
I stopped 30 laps for liquids and every 80 laps for a gel.  The longest I stopped for any break was 1 minute while I talked to another person swimming next to me about our open water group and how he should join us.  I just LOVE the look people get when I tell them how far I plan on going.  "Your going HOW FAR??"  All other breaks were only 10-20 seconds max.  I started to get a bit tired at 10,000 and my neck started to hurt around 11,000.  I pushed through it anyway.  Around 11,500, my brain did some magic and my body went "numb" and all my pain and being tired was gone.  The trade-off was that I got EXTREMELY hungry!  For the rest of the swim, I could only think about all the food I wanted to eat.
Finished my swim with 260 laps pushed into my lap counter on my finger.
13,000 yards today in 3:54.  I"m happy with this.

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