Saturday, May 21, 2011


My friend Alicia and I drove together to meet with Gords at 1630 at the causeway to Antelope Island.  It has been raining with thunder and lightning all week but the clouds gave us a small break for Friday afternoon.  Gords had one of his sons come along with a kayak for support.  We got in and the water was definitely colder from all the rain the past week.  The temp read 59 degrees.  This is a TINY bit under my comfort zone but I decided to just deal with it and I got in anyway. 
It was the first time Alicia had been in the GSL and she is not used to swimming in such cold water.  It took her a bit of time to get adjusted as to be expected.  I was having to take more time to get adjusted/numb also.  We were hoping to get in around 3-4 miles but doubt immediately came up when I knew how cold I would  be.  Alicia and I finally got adjusted and started our swim a few minutes after Gords was well on his way.  We swam out and stopped every 10 min or so to chat for a sec to see how she was doing etc.  Going out, the cold did not seem to bother either of us much.  When we were about a mile into the swim, I noticed dark clouds away from us that were not there when we started.  Bad weather was supposed to be coming in and I did not want to risk it too much.  I got hold of Gords and he agreed that tempting nature probably isn't the brightest idea!  We headed back to be safe.  The clouds rolled in quicker than expected and the temperature seemed to drop just as quick.  When the sun is not on your back, it makes a HUGE difference on how the water feels.  I started to get very cold very quickly.  My feet were already numb but they were both starting to cramp too...not fun.  We made it back and got out earlier than we wanted but the risk did not seem worth it.  We ended up doing 2 miles.  I really want to get in ONE swim in the GSL of at least 6 miles before my big swim in 3 weeks.  I just need the weather to cooperate.

Thank you Gords for meeting with us and thank you Austin for being a paddler for us and getting us our drinks during the swim.

Alicia and me                                                                               

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