Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Major breakthrough today!
Woke up at 0500 and headed to Jordanelle.  As I was packing my gear, I realized I was out of energy powder and texted Josh to bring some.  He said he had already left but had some in his bag.  I packed several gels and some Cliff bars.
Arrived a bit later than I wanted and I saw Josh down near the water with a few other people.  I was just focused on getting in so I didn't say hi to anyone more than 3 seconds.  Josh followed me back to my car and gave me his Perpetuem powder.  He soon left and I got my gear together as quickly as I could. 
I wanted to do 2 laps minimum, 3 laps ideally, and 4 laps if I felt good.
I did 4 laps.  After each lap, I would get out, take a gel and drink a bunch of fluids.  After the 2nd lap I ate half a Cliff bar.  It took awhile for my stomach to settle down after mixing a gel, bar, and Perpetuem but I soon felt better.  I kept thinking, "If I do 2 laps, I'll leave disappointed.  If I do 3 laps, I'll leave satisfied.  If I do 4 laps I'll leave feeling great".  I made sure to go to the farthest buoy each way and serpentine between the buoys.  (They aren't in a straight line so going from buoy to buoy adds a little bit more)  I even swam past the end buoys a bit.  Each little bit added up.
When I got out my GPS read 6.62 miles.  Now even with weaving there is no way it adds up to that much.  I called and consulted Josh about my distance.  The phone GPS app can run high for distance sometimes and it seemed like it did again.  I know I did not go 6.62 but I do know I did at least 6.2 miles.  I'm comfortable saying so with all my extra little distances I made myself to each lap.  They add up.
I felt GREAT!  If I had more time and had brought more food/gel/liquids, I would have done more...a LOT more.  I was gone so long that on the last lap, I stopped so a SUP paddler could pass in front of me.  He said Hi and I could hear my phone ringing and it was my wife's ringtone.  It was her calling to see where I was! 
I did have my usual 1st mile of being stiff, 2nd mile of bitching and moaning about the swim, then the 3rd mile on feeling good.  My stroke fell apart a couple of times but I noticed it quickly and got it back to good form.
When I got out, there were a few people loading up on boats and jet skis that asked me how far I went.  I told them I swam a 10k and they just couldn't believe it.  The looks people give when you say a swim distance like that NEVER gets old!  They asked what time I got here and they were impressed that I even got up that early to go swimming.

This is a BIG deal for me.  I've been struggling mentally lately about my swim performance and have even gotten down on myself for not being in as good of swim shape as I wished I could be.  I'm finding myself forcing my body to the pool only to not find the joy as much.  Some days are good and others are just plain blah!  Today made me realize that all those early alarms and getting wet before the sun even rises is yet again worth it.  You have to put in the workouts before getting the results.  This is the my best result so far this year.  It makes me feel like I'm really back from my recent struggles.  All of my swim friends keep telling me to not be so hard on myself over my speed, workouts, and what I'm not able to do.  Today I just kept my head down and kept stroking.  (giggle)
I was planning on taking tomorrow off but "maybe" I'll find a reason to squeeze in an easy 1000M before my test.

6.2 miles (Marathon) OW total  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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