Tuesday, July 23, 2013

23Jul13 - swimming with a chicken

Yesterday I forgot to go swimming in the morning.  It was more family time than anything and when I considered it in the afternoon, storm clouds were coming in.  I got to the beach this morning and after everyone had their fun, I stayed behind to swim.
The water was choppy and looked great.  I saw a guy dragging a kayak toward the water and asked if he wanted to paddle next to me.  He was game.  Once we got out in the water, I asked where he wanted to go.  He said he likes to go straight out and paddle around looking for/at dolphins.  (they are actually porpoises but w/e)  We headed straight out and I could feel the water temp drop and it was obvious we had just cleared a shelf.  The water got dark blue and colder.  I was loving it.  We headed south for awhile and then he and I both noticed a HUGE shadow beneath us.  I thought it was cool and kept diving down to check it out.  Couldn't see exactly what it was but I know it was bigger than me.  He FREAKED OUT and said he was no longer comfortable and wanted to go back NOW...  All I could think was...REALLY?  What do you think is out here?  Catfish?  Minnows???  You wanted to go where the "dolphins" are and we are where the big fish are.  As soon as you see what you were targeting to see, you panic?  What a chicken!!!  Dude, you are in a kayak which makes you even bigger so I would definitely be hit first if anything were to "attack" us and you could cut and run yet I was COMPLETELY comfortable.  Chill the hell out dude.
I was nice and swam back to shore with him.
It was great to go out past the shelf but it was a severe letdown once I got there.  One sign of sea life and I had to head back.  Next swim I'm going longer and will stay on the "shallow" end of the shelf...btw, many sharks still swim up to the waist deep water too!

.9 miles.....ONLY .9 miles  I also keep forgetting to grease.  I started to chafe pretty bad today.

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