Saturday, July 20, 2013

20Jul13 - OCEAN!!

I arrived to the Outer Banks in North Carolina yesterday evening.  Before going to bed, I took a walk to the beach with Patricia.  The was was extremely calm and actually a bit chilly.  I noticed it was chilly and Patricia thought it was down right freezing.  I checked the ocean temp on line and it said it was 68 degrees.  NICE!!!
Got up this morning and after breakfast we all headed down to enjoy the water.  While most of the adults were watching the kids or just going up to their waist, I could not contain myself.  I put on my goggles, cap, and strapped on my SSD and headed out.  I loved the feel of the chill.  I haven't been in water this cold in awhile.  I even got pain in between my eyes.  I adjusted quickly and headed south against the current.  It wasn't too strong and I felt GREAT.  I only wanted to do something nice and easy for today.
I counted 750 strokes then turned around.  I immediately felt the tide on my side when I headed north.  No jellyfish on the swim and the water kept me cool but I never felt chilled or even remotely uncomfortable.  Got back and GPS read 1.1 miles.

SO glad to be in the ocean.  I knew I was going to take it easy today but there will definitely be some swims next week where I bring some feeds with me so I can get some more distance.

1.1 miles OW

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