Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Got a call from Suzie Dods yesterday that one of her friends from San Francisco is going to be in Salt Lake City and wanted to try the lake.  We got in contact with each other and Zina Deretsky and I agreed to meet at 0700 at the Saltair marina this morning.  Beautiful morning for a swim.  Water was 80 degrees in the lake which made it HOT but I knew the swim was going to be short.
She just wanted the experience.  She loved every minute of it.  The usual comments about how salty it is, how buoyant it is, etc were expressed by her.  We just headed out of the marina and into the lake.  The water past the first red buoy was very clear and I took long slow strokes to look at the topography of the lake floor.  Simply mesmerizing. 
She didn't have long to swim so we cut it short.  It was more for the experience than anything.
Photo: Had a fun short swim with Zina Deretsky in GSL this morning. LOVE taking new people to GSL
Another satisfied GSL swimmer!

I really enjoy taking new people out to our lake to promote it's unique beauty.  She had a great time and thus, so did I.  I drove to Josh's house before going to the lake to pick up a T-shirt for her.

.75 miles OW

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