Monday, July 29, 2013


Up and ready poolside by 0600.  Got in and started warming up.  I immediately felt Saturday's swim.  I swam 1k and I was still tight after my "warmup".
One really nice thing was that it was still pretty dark when I got in and so my entire warmup I felt like I was doing a night swim...kinda.
I put on my snorkel and kicked 500.  I did a little arm rotation on some 50's but nothing much.
500 swim with snorkel.  It felt weird but I started to get used to it.
5 x 100 pull  I noticed my form starting to fall apart toward the end.
500 smooth stroke paying a LOT of attention to my technique.

I plan on doing a longer straight swim tomorrow and my shoulders were feeling extremely sore and were on the point of pain so I got out at 3k.
I'm happy that I was back in the water.  It felt good and I need to start buckling down if I plan on doing a UT triple crown again this year.  No more days off for me. 

3k LCM

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