Monday, July 8, 2013

8Jul13 - Bill Engvall

Today I saw some things at the pool that had me thinking of the comedian Bill Engvall.  He rose to popularity with the idea that dumb people should have to wear signs that say "I'm stupid" that way you know never to rely on them or trust them with anything.  If you've never heard his comedy before, he's pretty good and makes some valid points.  Here is a sample.
Well today I saw something that makes me want to go out and get signs for some swimmers that say, "I have NO idea what I'm doing"!  This way you know to stay as far away as possible. 
Some examples today are:
1) Seeing a guy wearing hand paddles, fins, and a BUOY!  I actually snorted water when I saw this guy.
2) Swimming laps while wearing regular shorts.  Not swim shorts, regular casual shorts and a t-shirt.
3) Asking me to split a lane then you keep "drifting" over to my side and I have to dodge you several times.
The last one is for the kids doing swim team.  Granted the range of kids goes from middle school to high school.  The older you are, the farther away from me you are...which means the smaller kids still working on swimming are closest to me.  That is fine and they are kids but they need to be reminded they are there to swim and it is not play time.  I was taking a set break and 2 boys were playing a "game" where they were trying to grab each others penises instead of listening to their coach.  Call me cantankerous but I think that crosses a line for pool workouts! Wanting to play with other boys genitals is fine if that is your interest and I'm a huge supporter of gay rights but seriously that stuff for college!

Did 500's today

500 WU
500 drill (idea from Josh - each 100 you lose a finger so last 100 you are doing fist swimming)
500 kick - Tried my new snorkel.  Love it but for some reason, my nose kept trying to let water in.  I focused real hard on just breathing through my mouth but I kept feeling water crawling up my nose and causing me to water sneeze.  I need to wear a nose plug I guess when using a snorkel.  I can already tell it's going to help with my lung capacity and VO2 max.
500 pull
500 with some hard pulling
500 CD

My body felt great during the workout but I still had my dinner from last night in my stomach.  I threw up a few times only into my mouth to taste lasagna.  Not good!  It happened twice again on last 500 and I decided to get out early.  I kept thinking that if I was at the lake, I would have just let it out while swimming then kept going.  Barfing in lake = okay.  Barfing in pool = bad ju ju!

3000 LCM

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