Sunday, July 28, 2013

27Jul13 - Tour of Lakes

Some catching up...
Wed and Thur of this week = Family time on the beach then when I went to go swimming the weather turned against me. Family time was more important anyway.
Friday - Drove from NC to MD.  Traffic was bad and we missed a turn for our Garmin GPS so it punished us by making us drive through downtown DC at 1630 on a Friday.  It even took us through DuPont Circle.  Okay, for those that don't know what this means.  Downtown DC on any day is NUTS.  On a Friday at 1630 it is the worst in the country!!!  DuPont circle is THE 6th circle of Hell Dante was referencing.   Our 6 hour trip took us nearly 10 hours instead...not happy.  I was tired from all of the travel and more traveling was just a sleep away!
Saturday - Up early and to the BWI airport.  The plane and airports weren't really all bad.  We all got back around 1100 and I quickly unpacked.  I was tired and CRANKY from the 2 days of travel.  Plane travel wipes most people out to some degree but add 10 hours of driving from the previous day on top of it and it's just exhausting.
I was already too late to have gone with the group for the Tour of Lakes here.  I was actually thinking about it most of the plane ride home.  I was hoping they were doing well and having fun.  Travel plans had me coming back on this day instead of Friday.
I looked at where they would be and called Josh.  He called back when I was already on the road.  I needed a break and since I didn't get to swim the past few days, I wanted to have some fun in the water.
I met up with the group at Rockport.  Swam exactly 1 mile.
Next stop was Jordanelle - 1.02 miles
Deer Creek - 1.18
Utah Lake - 1.04
Group walking to Deer Creek lake.  We look like the weirdest and wimpiest "gang" as we came down together.

Just the bottom lakes for me!
All of us at end

The whole Tour of Lakes was 8 lakes and 1 mile each so you get 8 miles broken up.
I got 4 lakes and over 4 miles.
2 things stood out.
1) This was FUN!!!!  I had a great time swimming with everyone and meeting for dinner afterwards.
2) Breaking up your swim by a mile at a time gets really tiring!  I only could make the last 4 and it kicked my butt.  I can't imagine how tired the others were that did all 8.  Granted the only others that did a full mile of each were Gordon, Josh, and Joelle.  Others swam for 1/2 hour total each.  It's still REALLY impressive what they did.
I went to bed and was asleep really fast.  The farthest I have swam this year was 4 miles in one shot.  This was 4 miles but was MUCH harder to do.  Next year they are thinking about doing 10 since they were so far ahead of schedule.
Looks like a great idea!  I'll be in much better shape and hopefully we'll need 2 big vans for the number of people that will want to join us!

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